We offer a variety of plans to choose from, some of which are ad-supported. RITEVAC TV subscribers will see some ads while streaming shows and movies in the RITEVAC TV streaming library, while RITEVAC TV (No Ads) subscribers can watch those same videos without any interruptions. If you subscribe to RITEVAC TV (No Ads), keep in mind that you’ll still see ads on any episodes and movies from selected shows.

To learn more about the ad experience on RITEVAC TV, read on or select one of the links below:

Why does RITEVAC TV have ads?

By including a modest ad load in our streaming library, RITEVAC TV is able to offer a wide variety of current season TV, exclusive shows and movies, award-winning RITEVAC TV Originals, and more — all at a valuable and competitive price.

When will I see ads while watching RITEVAC TV?

If you subscribe to one of our ad-supported plans, you will see ads during shows and movies in our streaming library. Ads are typically shown at the beginning of the stream and throughout the video — similar to what you’d expect from a traditional TV broadcast.